Leather Headcollars

Walk through the competitors stables at Badminton or Burghley Horse Trials and you will find  Brass Tacks English leather headcollars complete with engraved nameplate beside many of the horses! A Brass Tacks headcollar has long been considered the ultimate accessory.

Our Head Collars are the pride of many stables

The free nameplate is available with either square or scalloped corners and with up to 40 letters in the horse’s name (Please contact us for any more than 40 letters)

The Brass Tacks Classic Headcollar  - Buy Now

Full and cob sizes                   £105.00

Pony and small pony sizes       £100.00

Brass Tacks headcollars

  • a padded headpiece and noseband
  • buckles on both sides of the headpiece and behind the noseband
  • a clip on the throat lash

Brass Tacks headcollars are:

  • fully adjustable
  • easy to remove quickly
  • available in black or havana (dark brown) leather
  • available in full, cob, pony* and small pony* sizes
  • generously sized
  • used by many top riders and equestrian personalities
  • made exclusively for Brass Tacks
  • made from top quality English leather with solid brass fittings

To order, simply go to our online Store

or visit us at all the major equestrian events this coming year

Photograph used by kind permission of The Stallion Company

Care for your leather headcollar:

Leather is a natural, organic material; the best material used for saddlery.  The leather is only as good as the initial & ongoing treatment it receives once in use. We can guarantee the brass fittings of the leather headcollars but we cannot guarantee the leather.

Initial Oiling: We recommend the application of 2 - 3 light coats of blended neatsfoot oil sparingly with a brush to both sides of the leather before use.

* Pony and Small pony sizes only available in Classic Headcollar