Brass Nameplates

Brass Nameplates
brass nameplates The finest quality engraved brass name plates

All Brass Tacks nameplates are made of solid polished brass 1.5mm thick and with smooth bevelled edges. This is too thick to bend and can therefore stand up to equestrian usage! Each plate comes with a hole at either end for the fixings, which are included.

Stable Door Brass Nameplates are:

  • Available with scalloped corners
  • 6 inches x 1.5 inches in size
  • supplied with brass screws
  • £28.00 with up to 40 letters engraved (Please contact us for any more than 40 letters)

Headcollar Brass nameplates are:

  • Available with square or scalloped corners
  • 80 x 18mm or 100 x 18mm in size (depending on the length of the horse’s name)
  • supplied with rivets and instructions on how to attach them to your headcollar (it’s very straightforward to do – only a leather hole punch and a hammer are required)
  • £19.00 (square corners) or £20.00 (scalloped corners)

P & P - £3 for a namplate (And an additional 50p per item for subsequent nameplate orders)

To order, simply click on our online store

Photograph used by kind permission of The Stallion Company

Care Instructions:

Our nameplates are made of solid brass. Because of this, the highly polished surface undergoes oxidation when exposed to the elements. This oxide surface (patina) develops as a way of protecting the brass from further erosion.

To maintain the highly polished surface which your nameplate has at the time of purchase, we recommend using ‘Brasso’ regularly to remove the patina. Ensure the piece of Brasso wad used is not too wet as this will affect the blackened letters of the engraving. Use a soft dry cloth to buff to a shine.

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